That's all the six year old girl would eat. And it seemed that no matter what else I tried to serve her, potatoes was it. She wouldn't try anything else. Wouldn't look at anything else. All she ever wanted? Potatoes.

"Honey, what are we supposed to do?" I sighed, sliding into bed that night. "We went out to the Olive Garden. And she asked for potatoes!"

My husband chuckled a little. "Well, look on the bright side: at least it's a vegetable she wants. Could be worse."

"This is bad enough! No protein! No grain! Heck, even sugar would be nice! Just potatoes! Man can't live on potatoes alone!"

He laughed again, pulling me close into an embrace. "Relax, honey. We'll think of something."

That morning, I thought of something that could work.

I decided I'd stop buying potatoes. Once she ran out, she'd have to eat something else. Or starve.

And what human would want to starve on purpose?

The moment she ran out of potatoes, Richard and I decided to order pizza for dinner. Kelly came into the kitchen about to burst into tears. "Moooom! I want potatoes!"

"We're all out of those, baby," I leaned down and cupped her cheek. "Sorry."

Richard frowned at me. "Out? Didn't you just go groccery shopping?"

"Oh, dear," I placed a hand on my chin in false shock, "seems I forgot all about the potatoes."

"Then, what will I eat for dinner?"

"Well, we're ordering pizza, Kelly. Care to join us?"

She frowned as tears welled up in her eyes. "But, pizza isn't potatoes!"

"Well, it has to be good!" I tried to convince her. "It starts with a 'P' like potatoes."

Kelly seemed to think this over. "Really?" she asked in a small voice.

I smiled, praying this would work. "Tell you what...try the pizza. Maybe you'll like it. And if you don't, I'll go and buy you some potatoes right now."

She grabbed onto my skirt and begged, "Promise?"

"I swear it."

Good news is, she loved the pizza!

Bad news is...

That's all she'll eat now.


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Galen almost 10 years ago

Very accurate dialogue. I remember those mind games from childhood :D

HeatherGwrites (joined about 10 years ago)
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I write and am in a long term relationship with chocolate. Yummmmyyy!!! (I'm also random to a fault.)

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