"Wait, so he hit you?"

"Girl, yes! And do you know what else?"

Amber was now at the edge of her seat. "You better tell me, girl."

Quanta proceeded to pop her gum as she said, "Girl, yes. He hit me, and had the nerve to tell me that I deserved it! Can you believe that madness?"

Amber's neck should have popped from the force of her head falling back. "Oh, no he didn't!"

"I know!" Quanta rolled her eyes. "He said I deserved it, because dinner wasn't ready when he got home. What kind of mess is that?"

"Sound like he needed to get beaten himself!"

"That's what I said! And, I called my cousin Paul, who got his boys and they ran him up outta here. It was the funniest thang I ever did saw, and he barely made it out alive!"

"Oh, so they beat him up?" Amber's eyes grew large.

"Almost. But, she he ran before they could get him. Won't be seeing much of him anymore," Quanta sighed and laughed. "These dudes out here thinking they can bring a woman down by beating them? Hmph, let's see what kind of dinner he gets when he's being chased out of my life."

The women laughed together, and shared a high five.


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