Sarah was really thirsty.

So, she picked up the bottle of Vodka and took a huge swig. She's done this repeatedly throught the course of the day.

Yep. Still thirsty.

Maybe not sober...but then again, this isn't the point.

"Sarah?" she heard someone call her. Her name continued to be repeated throught her apartment. Of course, no one would think she would be where she is. If she's lucky, whoever is looking for her would continue their search elsewhere.

And by elsewhere, she meant anywhere but here.

The door opened, and light stabbed her eyes causing Sarah to groan.

"Sarah!" the woman squated down to be eye level with her. "What are earth are you doing in the linen closet?"

"More fun in hea," she shrugged, taking another swig of Vodka.

The woman tried taking the bottle from her, but Sarah pulled away quickly. A little too quickly. Some of the vodka spilled on her hand. "Don you make me waste any of da good stuff," she shook her finger fiercely.

"You've had enough of that," the woman rolled her eyes.

"No way."

"And why is that?"

"Cause, I'm still thirsty," she took another pull from the bottle.

The woman rolled her eyes. "Well, at least get out of the closet."

Sarah shook her head. "The closet is fine. Nothing can get to me here."

The woman sighed. The pause should have been a warning. "Sarah, we all miss Andrew. All of us does. It doesn't matter if you move into this closet permanently. It doesn't matter if you keep drinking alcohol-"

"-No! I don wanna hea that!"

"Someone has to say it!" the woman snapped. "You've been drinking and forgetting everything else. What about Steven? What about your son? Mom and dad can't keep watching him. Your husband is gone! We all miss him, but it's time to move on!"

Sarah stared blankly at her sister, for the first time registering that it was Amy who came to visit. And, she couldn't help feeling Amy was right. So right.

Sarah slammed her eyes shut, hoping to keep the tears from spilling. They did anyway.

And then, she puked all over Amy's jeans. Though Amy didn't seem worried about that. She just pulled her sister in close for a much needed hug.


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