Marie loved apples.

That would make her smile.

It was bad enough that Eric had messed up her homework, it was supposed to be a joke, who knew the dog would actually eat it. Puppies do that. She'd kind of laughed it off. She'd taken the shredded remnants of it to school, she'd come back, shadows under her eyes and Eric, waiting on her porch asked if she was in big trouble.

"Nah," she replied, "They laughed. I'm forgiven this time, and so are you."

Big hug.

And she munched a Pink Lady apple, a double celebration. She had one for him. He ate a little bit of it.

It was later that week when he'd seen her through the bushes, she was leaning for a kiss, and the tall boy who lived down the street and liked to throw rocks at squirrels was touching her cheeks. They were that close!

Eric attacked, knocking that boy over, telling him to leave Marie alone. That boy was not happy, he said some mean things, stormed away.

Marie howled, stomped and shook Eric. "That was going to be my first kiss! You ruin everything!"

Eric found an apple tree as he took another route home. He convinced his much taller friend William to get the branch he couldn't reach.

It snapped.

Eric stared briefly at William's bruised face and then he went running for help, screaming for Marie.

"I just wanted to get you apples!" He later told her.

She hugged him hard.

"Stupid kid."


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