There was blood on my pillow. For that matter, there was blood in my mouth; It tasted like copper. I don't usually notice the taste of blood, but this caught me somewhat by surprise.

I got up, gargled some water, and carefully probed my mouth with my tongue. As far as I could tell, nothing hurt, and no more blood was coming out. Maybe I cut myself early in my sleep.

I got up properly, fully enjoying the freshly risen sun which was busy spraying it's yellow rays through the forest canopy. There was a fresh campfire pit just visible from my home, choking out the last of the smoke from the chipped wood. When I looked closer, there was a spit, and most of the corpse of a rabbit, medium-rare, still sitting on the spit.

Goddamnit. That explained it. Must've been a full moon last night. I had to clean this up before the other wolves found out.


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Galen about 9 years ago

The rest of the WOLVES? Hahahaha it's a Werehuman?

ffreak3 about 9 years ago

Yep, that was the intention :p If you're familiar with the great sci-fi writer, Ursula K. Le Guin, she wrote a similar story called "Le Loup Garou", where the main character was the wolf-wife of a werewolf who finds out her husband's secret. It might've instead been a story from one of her students, though, not her, now that I think of it.

ffreak3 about 9 years ago

A quick search tells me that the story is apparently titled "The Wife's Story", not "Le Loup Garou". I'm not sure where I'm pulling that title from.

Galen about 9 years ago

I'll seek it out. Sounds intriguing. I like twists on myths as much as I like myths. :D Thanks.

ffreak3 (joined over 9 years ago)

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