Anyway, after the assembly, the fourth-graders signed up for whatever instrument interested us.

"I like the saxophone!" So my parents signed me up for the saxophone.

Later, when we went to the music rental shop, I was presented with the saxophone. I was confused as it did not resemble what I thought was a saxophone. Where was that brass tube that slid in and out?

What a dumb kid! I wanted to play the trombone, but thought it was called a saxophone. I never protested, shy and passive as I was. So I learned to play the saxophone.

I never developed a great deal of skill, but during my years in grade school band, learned how to read music.


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Galen over 12 years ago

A familiar attitude towards conflict. Any chance you're from Seattle?

mroshaugh over 12 years ago

Opposite coast - NY.

Galen about 12 years ago

Hm. NY is famous for it's aggression. Seattle for its passivity. But generalizations are about as useful as voice-activated nail guns.

mroshaugh about 12 years ago

True! Relocated to Oregon about 10 years ago. So now I'm a passive/aggressive, I suppose...

mroshaugh (joined over 12 years ago)
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