The bear was furious.
Dr Who had eaten his chocolate again. This time he wsn't going to let the jumped up timelord get away with it.
He turned to the Cyberman and whispered.
The Tombliboos watched with interest as the plan unravelled and Amy Pond let out a scream as the Cyberman picked up the Dr by the throat and threw him into the shoebox.
The bear now turned on the Gruffalo much to the owls amusement. The Gruffalo screamed and ran behind the bookcase where he hid amongst the dust and biscuit crumbs.
The three Daleks (of varying sizes) seized this moment to take over the Universe and the owl, the snake and the fox finally got to eat the little brown mouse

As Liz watched through the crack in the door this horror unfold she marvelled at the imagination of her four year old.


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Galen almost 13 years ago

What. Just. Happened? Hilarious.

aDudeNamedJay over 11 years ago

I loved this. After reading it I couldn't help but think of Eric Clapton's Anyone for Tennis. Those lyrics are right along these lines! What fun.

coffeewithkate (joined over 13 years ago)
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The Mistress of Procrastination. ;-)

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