It was there in the cold, I didn't beleive what I was seeing at first. I felt the chill that he must have felt, tasted the salt that he must have tasted and beneath my feet felt the soft caress of the sand as the rushing tide pulled the sand from under me.

It was a hat, that was all that was left soaked in brine and covered in seaweed.
I could picture him, pulling off his clothes with a cold determination on a warm summers day. In sight of noone he walked to the bin and buried them underneath the days debris of broken kites and spades.

I saw him walk down the sand tiptoeing over the sharp stones to reach the cool wet sand revealed by the withdrawing tide.

I saw him take the first few steps, dip his head under the foam and dissapear.

I saw the message of love he left vanish, just like his body as the tide came in.

I picked up the hat and walked away as the sun shone


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bespectakate about 13 years ago

Pretty and sad and oh <3

Ararelucidness (joined about 13 years ago)

Im a country lass from deep within Nelson's county in the East of England.

I wish I was more like the person I am in my head.

I wish I was a femme fetale.

I wish that everyone dressed like they did in the 40's.

I wish people wore more hats.

I wish I wore hats.

I wish I could walk past a jewellery shop with out stopping.

Maybe one day some of the above will come true.

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