Peasants. Every last one of them, with their cheap hairspray and horrid distaste in bowties.

I stood at the edge of the sixty second annual GreatVac vacuum door-to-door salesmen conference in a state of disbelief. These people were my peers? My coworkers? My confidantes? Not a civilized, educated human being appeared to be in the room.

Barbarians. You would think that GreatVac, a company founded in 1904 on good American values would have a bit more poised and elegant populace.

And clearly the organizers of this event had very poor catering skills, as the punch was repugnant and the finger foods were quite pedestrian. Chicken fingers? Bah.

As I overlooked the circus of tweed, I decided at that very moment that I was no longer going to be a GreatVac salesman, for these were not MY people. It was in that moment that GreatVac Quality Vacuum Cleaners


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PotluckOfAlienation almost 13 years ago

If anyone wants to know the last few words of the story, it's:

"had made a very powerful enemy".

Still doesn't salvage it much.

PotluckOfAlienation (joined almost 13 years ago)

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