He didn't know that yesterday was the last day he would see her. He had no doubts about the marriage, but he knew that his life would change in a way he wasn't sure he was ready for. He couldn't live without her; he knew that. He couldn't go a day without hearing her laugh or seeing her smile-her smile that made her eyes twinkle and her dimples flash. He thought about how much he loved her smell. Whether it was the smell of her herbal shampoo, the smell of her sweet sweat after she got back from running, the smell of her hands after she lotioned them up. She always loved to smell good, and she always made sure she was clean and was always worried that she might smell offensive. She always dove in the shower after sex, but he knew that was the one time she didn't care about her smell. She just wanted to go "rinse off", as she put it. Even though he wanted to just hold her and smell her sweaty sex smell, he found it really sexy that she was going to shower and touch herself to get out all of the "love" he had given her. He giggled at this thought, and then he started to softly cry. She was gone now. Only a day after their wedding. He didn't know how to go on.


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SelahWrites over 13 years ago

OUCH, was not expecting that one. Nice twist. Love the assortment of scent words and sources.

VibrantVegan over 13 years ago

Thanks! :)

RebeccaEmin over 13 years ago

Clever to focus on the sense of smell to get us thinking, and then wham! A great twist.

VibrantVegan over 13 years ago

Thanks so much, Rebecca! :)

Galen over 13 years ago

And it's definitely those sensual memories that linger, reminding us of the loss.

VibrantVegan (joined over 13 years ago)

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