"Of all the songs ever written, his favourite is Lola? You can't be serious."

"Dead serious."

"Wow. That's a guy who really needs a friend."

"I know. So will you do it?"

"Why on earth would I?"

"Out of the goodness of your heart?"

"There's goodness in my heart?"

"You might be surprised what you'd find if you went looking."

"Calling all spelunkers! Is there anyone out there daring enough to embark on the most dangerous of quests, the search for goodness in the depths of my heart? Finders keepers, down there!"

"Very funny. So you're not going to do it."

"Buy me lunch."


"For a week."

"No. I've seen how much you can pack away."

"Then I'm out."

"Fine. Lunch for a week. But you're buying your own drinks."

"I accept."

"And if he tries to hold my hand, I don't have to let him."

"Sure, just don't give him a mean face or anything. Make it seem like you're teasing him or something."

"I'll try."

"This means a lot to me. He's my twin brother, after all. So if he comes home smiling, you get dessert for a week, too," said Karen.

"Deal," said Misty.

Three days into kindergarten, Misty was having a blast.


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