You had me at ox bow lake. I mean, I heard about that shit on the internet, but I never thought I'd meet someone who was into that kind of thing too. So, will it be your place or mine. The bathroom is pretty cramped here, and I don't really have a tub so much as a shower stall. But I guess we can get around that. I don't think we really need a bathtub anyway, maybe just a couple of buckets filled with water.
How flexible are you? I used to be able to touch my toes, before adulthood swelled up my gut and made my knees creak. We should definitely do some stretching first. Maybe even go for a jog, to warm up.Wouldn't want to pop anything, well not anything that shouldn't pop in this case, hahaha.
I'm just so excited. I wasn't even going to come to this party. But I was sitting alone at home and I decided I needed to do something. So I came. And fortune of fortunes I meet you. Amazing isn't it.
What was your name again?


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