The shapes were obstructing my view. I couldn't even look out the front window of the car for the shapes. i was taught what a circle, square and rectangle were when I was a small child, but now I've forgotten. I've forgotten it all. Nothing remains from preschool, not even the color blurred crayon drawings from Mrs. Couch's class. The only sign I know is peace. If only peace could get me from point a to point b. If only I could find my way through the traffic that way. Little speck of dust look circular, but they aren't they are jagged and a mess. So are snowflakes and what else, rain. I will prove everyone wrong and find my way without any signs. The colorful, full of shape signs - I will go without any of them.
The only signs I will see are the ones which are shapeless making their own unique mark on the land and then, I can see outside my windowshield again.


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