Outnumbered and out of breath, I didn't know what else to do. The lives that had already been taken now stained my guilt and I didn't need more blood on my mind. So, the white flag of surrender went up and the terms were made.

Our youngest children were to be taken from us and trained to keep their families in check. We were to only have children if the king commanded to. Oh, and we were no longer able to choose our mates.

The children were brainwashed to believe that their mothers were evil witches sent to destroy the world. Though, that was how most of the world saw us. It just hurt more when it was of our own flesh and blood. We weren't witches, though. We were just misunderstood, as, I guess, everyone was. Only more people saw us as moral destroyers than just misunderstood, odd people.

Our town with the strong fortress that surrounded it now looked bleak as the fresh, young faces that were our pride and joys now lacked the freedom and love they once had. Not even our love could break the hold the king had on them.


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