So. Where do I go from here? He's left me. High and pregnantly dry. Where's a Wal-Mart. No. Kidding,. I saw that dumb movie. Really, jump through a window? Keep track of what I use? I'd rather not, if it's all the same with you.
I'm not, if you are wondering, intending to keep this kid. I'm not one of those stupid girls who don't know they're knocked up, the ones that scream for days in a bathroom before the thing drops into a toilet.
They'll help me get rid of it. Someone will. Some do gooder will help me find a way to get this alien gone, just like Justin.
All I need is a quarter or so to make a call to information. All I need is a quarter, and my mom. All I need is my mom. Mom.
I need a quarter. Mom. I need. Mom.


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ganymeder over 12 years ago

Sad. I wasn't sure if the choice of the word 'alien' meant she was impregnated by space aliens or that she was referring to the fetus as alien meaning not part of her body. Either way, nicely written.

SelahWrites (joined over 12 years ago)

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