They did not know where they arrived, the landscape was strange and different. The last days was mixed up as the food on the lifeboat had been gone for quite a good while when they finally reached this shore.

Maybe they where in the afterlife, he had no idea and neither had Marc that was with him in the lifeboat. Marc was one of the sailors on the ship that he was traveling with, hunting for inspiration to write new rhymes about ancient mariners.

Now in this shipwrecked state he somehow had saved pen and paper. So important for him, if he was saved to have produced quality words.

He sat down with the paper and stared for a while trying to figure out an starting point:

oh young sailor
this shore that
is of such tailor
to save what
should ended it

He looked at his pathetic scrabbles, it was a failing rhyme even. He seemed to have lost was where his skill, he decided to explore this place a bit more and going inland he found what was remarkable much like a road.

He felt reassured by this and started following it, and indeed come upon a house which not knowing where he where he spied on too see who lived there. He soon saw a fantastic sight, a women in fair white strode out of the house. Golden hair and blue eyes he gased and finaly decided to step out and say hello...


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virre (joined almost 12 years ago)
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I think I should start using this site again

English is NOT my native language, and yet I write in it. With all the mistakes that follows. Such as I write wrong on some of the more common words there and their. Shamefully as it is , I should know the difference.

The fact that my inspiration for quick stories mostly comes while tired do not help the spelling either.

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love historic shipwreck


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