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English is NOT my native language, and yet I write in it. With all the mistakes that follows. Such as I write wrong on some of the more common words there and their. Shamefully as it is , I should know the difference.

The fact that my inspiration for quick stories mostly comes while tired do not help the spelling either.


They had come up this mountain every wensday evening for the last three years, from the creation of there IOGT-lodge. The first one in this country and now there outdoor meetings was to come to an end. The lodge house was soon to be finished and there common soberity had a place to live

Indeed in a hundred years another generation will look at this photo and now the story some even beeing related to the heroic pioners of the movement.

How the small movement for soberity started in New York state now lived on and inspired so many generations...

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She was alone now. She used to be one of them but not anymore. Finaly she was as free as the seeds she blowed from the flower in the big dramatic symbolism of freedom.

How had she gotten addicted to this, it was just a question of wanting to fit in. To be accepted by the others by tasting the sweat nectar of the grape.

It started for acceptance but soon everyday was a day of drinking just to take the day she thought she was free but was traped. But now free

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They did not know where they arrived, the landscape was strange and different. The last days was mixed up as the food on the lifeboat had been gone for quite a good while when they finally reached this shore.

Maybe they where in the afterlife, he had no idea and neither had Marc that was with him in the lifeboat. Marc was one of the sailors on the ship that he was traveling with, hunting for inspiration to write new rhymes about ancient mariners.

Now in this shipwrecked state he somehow had saved pen and paper. So important for him,...

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The summer was new, the grass was having that wet green quality when it is the first time in a long while the sun have reached it. It is happiness distilled.

They where moving in together, this was the first spring of the rest of their life. It was their love that made them set the mirror down on the grass and frolic in the spring.

Lifes sadness had not yet reached them, they did not know that this spring of love would turn into a winter of despair as they would argue the content of their lifes but somehow...

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This was Leifs first night as the priest of Odin, his teacher was long gone and it was his first time prepareing the cermony for tomorrow.

Looking at the moon, he noticed that a Raven was already in the oak tree where the thrall would be hanged tomorrow. He went to her enclosure, the red head that had been catched dureing a raid on the green island.

When he got there he realised she was the most beautifull girl he had ever said, her red hair and green eyes was going inside the full of him.

Her jailer was comming...

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It was the fall that suprised me most. It had just been spring, and now the trees leaves where turning there yellow and touching down on the ground. How did this happend, just recently I was happly looking forward to the summer of wearing t-shirts and shorts and not haveing to suffucate myself in layers upon layers of clothes. Now I had been surpised and catched by the coldness of an cold day when I was freezing my way to work. As usally dreaming about the girls I meet on my walk, and my thoughts was even more than usally...

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I am dancing the night away, now that I can no longer overcome the call of the ocean. She has been wanting me to join me for all my life.

I used to walk on the seaside and feel the pull of the ocean. I always know that my life would one day end in the sweet arms of the ocean. Now as I am here dancing the night away with my true love the ocean, as he left me. He who I thought loved me, but I found in the arms of another woman.

I could not hate him...

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The beach holds the sand of the future, that he had always been told. Now he rode beside it along with his true love, she of the long brown hair, now setup on a bun to make rideing easier, and thoose fantastic green eyes that told of emerald skies.

They rode now, they should speed up. Soon they would be hunted. Her family would come after them soon. That he of the family on the north side of the island and that she, Johanna of the south side of the island had become lovers what not a good thing.


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Running, running from the people behind me. I don't have the time to look back. But I know they are after me. I flee along the soccer field once again. As I have done for so many days after school. There words are thrown at me , they hit me like the punch that knocks out the boxer. The though of boxer reminds me, I am not small any more, I have been running through this fields to training, to practice, to learn to fight back.

I turn around, I use my words to shield myself from there words, I...

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