You can count me out. In teaspoons if you wish, but it might take a while. I prefer metric, none of that standard or imperial nonsense, it's just not scientific.

You can count me out, I'm certainly in the process of it. Measuring it all, repurposing the materials to a better purpose. 3.7 litres of potable water, the rest bound up in organs or areas that I have not processed yet. 2.5 grams of iron, perhaps that will go to the electromagnet I am constructing, perhaps to the dynamo. But what am I saying? It will have to go to the lightning rod, you can never have too long a lightning rod.

Copper and lithium can go to the batteries. The gold is needed for various bits of wiring. It won't be enough, but there are others to count out later.

I can look down on myself, which isn't myself anymore, just the things that made me. Perhaps the only bits of me left are the kilogram or so lumpy flesh, greyish and squishy. That can be counted out at the end, when the process has been finished, and repurposed as well.

There is always a need for material, and with the way the economy is going, you don't want to impede science because of a few measly pennies. I have more important things to worry about, more important things to do, and of course, more important people to be.

You can count me out, bit by bit, gram by gram. Meters and centimeters become liters, become kilograms. Things that do not have a use in the process now can be stored, be saved. There is always a use. I can always find a use for me.


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