Water. It was flooding into the windows and through the doorway. It continued to rise and I continued to panic.I couldn't die. I couldn't die. I HAD to make it out of there. No - I gave up. Just after letting myself slip beneath he water I felt two stong arms wrap around me and pull me out of the water that was killing me. When I was above the water, Ilocked eyes with him. He came back for me! I was shocked - especially after what I'd said to him earlier that day. "Why are you here," I managed to gasp. He said only four words. "Because I love you." Then he lifted my tired head to his and kissed my lips. I was in love with him. This time I was sure of it.


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Gone Awry over 9 years ago

welll! fancy meeting you here! extraordinary story. welcome to the community! it is a small world, isn't it?

JustinRedmon almost 9 years ago

I like this a lot. I am sure of it.

Jayden Nicole (joined over 9 years ago)

I have a passion for art and an overactive imagination.

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