I shot my butler. He was really making me mad. You see, I had told him several times to stop buring mt toast in the morning. He also had a nasty habit or overvooking my eggs. Nothing worse than overcooked eggs. Well, so you see, I had to shoot him. But he didn't die, which kind of made things worse for me. I only grazed his elbow. I knocked some bone chips off and not much else. He didn't even tell anyone it was me! he made up some story about slipping on some water on the floor of the kitchen and hurting himself that way. Anyway, when he was released from the hospital, he wanted to come right back to work. He said, "Mr. Nathan, sir, I would like to come back and work in your mansion." I said, "Dude, you are nuts. You know I can't stand you, but you are loyal, so I'll agree. But, you must make me a promise. Atcually, two promises. One: You must promise you will never burn the toast or overvook my eggs again. Two: You must continue to keep the one secret I have always asked you to keep. And I know you know what I'm talking about. " My butler said, "Yes sir, I will never tell anyone that you shot me in the elbow." I said, "No, I;m not talking about that. No one would believe you anyway. I'm talking about what happend last summer betwen myself and...I can't even say the name. I don't even want to think about it." There was silence in the room.


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