There was blood on my pillow. A lot of blood. A ton of blood. Where did it come from? It seemed to be dripping from somewhere. I looked up. The celing was dry. I looked around, I felt my own face, hair, ears, nose...all dry. What the h*ll was going on? Then, I heard something. A step. Two steps. Steps moving across the wood floor near the staircase downstairs. Was this the source of the blood? Was it the cause of the blood? Am I next? I was not injured, but I was still terrifyed. Suddenly, something came bounding around the corner, and something else, and then something else. I braced for impact...whew! It was my three dogs - Maddie, Walker, and Layla. Then, relief turned to intense, body shaking fear. Were my beloved dogs injured? I knelt down and whiespered them over to me, all the while hearing the sounds of the footsepts coming up the stairs. I felt my dogs' sides, heads, feet...all ok. No blood. Nobody seemed hurt. I hushed them into my bedroom and closed the door. They didn't make a sound, I think they sensed the danger. I went into my bathroom and locked the door. I looked around for a weapon...a toothbrush?


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