The pistol was cocked, ready to go. I was going to show him. I was angry, no, furious. He cut me off! In this city, that's somehting you just don't do. In my neck of the woods, driving like that could mean you migght be at the end of the line. I thought anout it, I mean really thought about it. Did I want to do this? My life would change forever, and so would other people impacted from the results of my actions. I decided to uncock my pistol, put it back in the glove box, and keep driving. A few miles later, I met the man at Dennys. he was having a grand slam breakfast, and I was ejoying a cup of coffee at a table at the end of the restauaunt. I walked over to him and said, "Excuse me. Sir?" The man said, "Yes, what can I do for you?" I said, "Well, you may not know this, but I just decided to let you live." The man's jaw dropped to the floor. he looked, well, confused. he finally said, "First, I;m glad about that. Second, what did I do to hurt you?" I said to him, "Nothing much really, I just don;t like the way you drive."


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The pistol was cocked, ready to go.
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