Deluxe. I ordered a deluxe meal. Where, you might be wondering? Not McDonalds. Not BK. Not Whataburger. Not Chick-fil-a. No, I was trying a new restauranut down on 57th street, you know, in the bad part of town. Normally, I don't venture out that way to often. However, my favorite comic book store recently located to 55th street, just two streets over from this new place. So, after I bouight the newest copies of Batman, X-Men, and Green Martians From Outer Space, I went over to the new restauranut. It was called "Tom's Eatery". "Hmmm....", I thought to myself, "Thsi could be fun. Seems like a normal place from the outside." I walked in and saw something I had never seen before in a restaurent. The waiters and waitresses all wore clown suits. Some wore evil clown suits, some wore nice clown suits. But, they were all dressed as clowns. Anyway, I walked up to the counter and ordered a McClown Deluxe with Clown fries and a Clown shake. After my food was ready, I sat down at a table towards the back of the place and bit into my first McClown burger. The taste? Absolutely incredieble! My mouth was


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