"Do you like the cats, young one?"

Lilibit pressed her white, lacey gloved hand over her throat, "Yes, my Lord," she breathed. "I've always wanted to see them, since my childhood!"

Sajin laughed, the bells at the bottom of his robes jingled, "You are a child yet, Little One."

Lilibit scowled, "I am a young woman. At the very least. I am not a child."

"Do you feel such?" Sajin asked, squinting, his dark skin shining from cheek to forehead in the way everyone did in this humid, emerald land. Lilibit for her part, felt sweat from head to toe in such a drenched way that she felt quite a soaked bread.

"I am. I will be Lady Anders soon enough," She watched as the tigers circled each other in the grass, pouncing, playing.

"I am glad to hear it," Sajin replied, "And Navin will be happy for it, I can assure it."

Lilibit thought of the young man's handsome dark face and her heart skipped. "Yes?"

Sajin nodded, "For certain."

Lilibit sighed as the tigers began licking each others faces. "I must get back to Father."

Sajin was silent and then the tigers pounced each other anew. Snarling, swatting and snapping. Lilibit gasped and Sajin grabbed her elbow to steady, his thin fingers pinching. "You won't be seeing your father today, child."

"What?" Lilibit gasped.

The tigers began to roar in each other's faces.

Sajin's voice was sweet and patient, "As you said, you are a woman now. Your father agrees."

Lilibit swallowed hard, and gazed dully at the cats.


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Galen almost 12 years ago

Whoa! So much complexity! It's amazing what you pull off in six minutes :D

DazedPuckBunny (joined about 12 years ago)
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