"No, absolutely not!" Mama Tiger told her cub.

"But Moooooom! All the other cubs get to bring down a gazelle at my age!"

"I don't care what all the other cubs do. I'm not their mother; I'm yours. And the answer is no."

Timothy Tiger wandered off to sulk with his siblings, who were fighting over a piece of dark meat. Watching his brothers fight over a leg, he mumbled, "I bet your mother wasn't overprotective like mine."

He stopped and pondered this a moment. "Oh," he said in sudden realization, shrugged his shoulders and grabbed a leg bone from his youngest brother. He growled, then munched happily on his dinner while they fought over the remaining carcass.


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Author Catherine Russell shares her life with her high school sweetheart, their son, and two ferocious puppies in the Wilds of Ohio while writing short stories, editing her novel, and learning more about the craft every day. Her work has been published in Flash Me magazine, Metro Fiction, Beyond Centauri, and the ‘Best of Friday Flash – Volume One‘ and the ‘Best of Friday Flash – Volume Two‘ anthologies.

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