He and i intended to keep it secret. no one needed to know just then. we just wanted to enjoy ourselves. a few select friends knew, of course, but not one adult in our lives knew until... it happened. His mother was snooping around and found us out. she immediately struck us a deal we couldn't squirm out of. either i tell my parents by monday or she tells. it was like a ransom. "Leave 3000000 unmarked bills in a plain paper bag outside my door, or your precious little secret gets out." i couldn't bring myself to tell my parents more than i could bring myself to give her the 3000000. I just couldn't muster the guts, knowing that a possible outcome was me being forced to terminate contact with the boy i loved. i just couldn't. call me chicken, but you hadn't met my parents. they were strictly "no dating until you're sixteen" and here i was, totally NOT sixteen, dating right under their noses. i just couldn't. i felt like i had been condemned to death.


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Jayden Nicole about 9 years ago

*smirk* I LOVE this one

Gone Awry about 9 years ago

The sad thing? It's TRUE :(

Jayden Nicole about 9 years ago

I know... :'( ilu

Charley Storm over 8 years ago

awww its so sad and my parents are the same way

Gone Awry (joined about 10 years ago)

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