He and i intended to keep it secret. no one needed to know just then. we just wanted to enjoy ourselves. a few select friends knew, of course, but not one adult in our lives knew until... it happened. His mother was snooping around and found us out. she immediately struck us a deal we couldn't squirm out of. either i tell my parents by monday or she tells. it was like a ransom. "Leave 3000000 unmarked bills in a plain paper bag outside my door, or your precious little secret gets out." i couldn't bring myself to tell my...

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I couldn't sleep with her next to me.

It's one thing to want to be a bigger man. It's completely different to assume that you are.

My life thus far, untainted by ill temper, prejudice, greed, even religion, had ensconsed me, rolled me out to greet the world. I was the man who fought for the powerless, from the playground to the courtroom. I was the man on the covers of the local newspaper, the man who shocked the nation when my pale hand, wrapped in the dark grip of a powerless woman was held aloft.

I would die for...

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