There is no point to seeing the forest, all you can ever see are the trees. And the trees are not the forest. You'll never comprehend the true size of the forest, for it is the world. You'll never understand that the forest is everything, and everything is the forest. You are the forest too.

So do as our people have always done. Wander, wander through the dappled sunlight. Wander, wander through the glades and covers and hidden places. Wander, wander without direction, because there is no direction. There is only forest.

Find the place that is your own. You'll know it, for your heart will stop for a beat, and then you will know. It is your own place, and how could you not know your own hands, your own heart and wants?

Wander, wander and hope that you find it. Some never do. Some wander all their days for their part of the forest, and will wander even after all their days are gone. You can hear them at night, in the wind that blows the branches apart. Do not follow them, their journey is their own. And this is yours.

This is the forest, this is our world. Trust in the forest, and perhaps you will find yourself. Because that is only half the journey. Because once you have found your place, you must pull out the black fabric, as we have all done before. Take it out, and bind your eyes. Once you have found yourself, you must find your way home. And that is so much harder.

There is no point to seeing in the forest. Wander, wander in the blackness that is the world.


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russellch95 over 8 years ago

i loved the "don't follow their path" part!

russellch95 over 8 years ago

i loved the "don't follow their path" part!

X-Himy (joined about 11 years ago)

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