Lost, without a hand to hold. That sounds about right. I never thought about it that way, though. To me it's more.. lost, without a sight to see? I don't usually think of people as guiding me. Especially in terms of being lost. Usually, it's my surroundings. This can be taken at face value - if I were lost somewhere in a city, I would be looking for landmarks to guide me. It has a double meaning though. If I feel lost, as in lost without a hand to hold, that means lost in life. To me. I suppose lost without a hand to hold could mean lost geographically, as well. If you were a kid. But I mean lost metaphorically. Lost emotionally. Lost.. in general. Just lost. I don't know where to go. I don't know what to do. I don't know where to turn. Lost without a sight to see. In life, we use landmarks, too. When you're in a certain situation, you can see what that situation is and see how to act, what to do. You're in class? You have a certain way to act. You're at home with a friend? Again, you have a certain way to act. Or, even if you're somewhere you've never been before, there are sights to see. People to see, to guide you. You see how they act, you mirror that. Maybe not exactly, but somewhat, at least at first. Right now I feel lost without a sight to see. No one is here to guide me. But I guess that's the same as lost without a hand to hold. A hand to hold would guide you, as well. Maybe my problem is I feel like I don't even have myself to guide me. Even with no hand to hold or sight to see, one has himself, his insights, his perspective, his best guesses. I feel like I'm lacking even those right now. I feel like I've lost not just my way, but me. I've let go of my own hand. How does one find his own hand? How does one find his way back when he really is lost, without a hand to hold?

Now I fear I've lost even my train of thought. Pity. I felt like this was going somewhere.


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Lost, without a hand to hold.
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