They gathered in the woods at three o'clock sharp on that sunny summer day. The children, there were seven in all, were meeting to discuss a problem. A very serious problem. One boy, about ten years old with sharp features, tanned skin and dark hair, stood up.
"Now listen up. We gotta find a way to fix this. She just can't stay here and boss us around like that!"
"We'll rebel against the forces of evil," said another boy in the small crowd. They were, suprisingly enough, referring to Angie, the newest babysitter in town. All of the children thought the same of her: that she was too bossy, too lazy, and not enough fun. They had come together to form a plan in that way that only children can. One of the girls who sat twisting her braids said,
"What if we all told her that we won't go to bed? Then she'd get all angry at us and never come back!" The first boy, who at this point appeared to be the leader of the small assembly, considered this for a moment before speaking against the idea. It would make them to tired, he decided. A few more suggestions were made and turned down before a young boy spoke up. He was blonde with spectacles that had the most diffcult time staying on his nose. As he pushed them back into place, he said,
"All we need to do is act perfectly horrid. You know, tying her braids together while she sleeps, dumping salt in her food, that sort of thing." A murmur went through the group as the boy stepped back an shoved his spectacles back onto his nose. The leader's eyes lit up as a grand scheme formed in his mind.
"Yes! YES! We will get rid of this babysitter... once and for all!" A great cheer arose from the children as the lifted the blonde boy onto their shoulders and began to walk, as one single person, down towards the edge of the woods. The boy smiled as he thought of the babysitter Angie running out of the house in terror. A triumphant grin spread across his face and he pushed his spectacles onto his face and let out a whoop.


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I have a passion for art and an overactive imagination.

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