Iridescent, the water moved silently over her head as her toes grazed the soft sand beneath her. In an equilibrium, almost floating but almost standing, she let the water raise her arms. This was limbo.

People always said it was best to keep your feet on the ground, so to speak. When the mind wanders, ideas get lost. Was that the way it really worked, the woman wondered, exhaling and releasing small bubbles of her life-breath into the water. The bubbles traveled upward to the surface, releasing her breath for her over her head. It was true, water made you feel weightless.

She wasn't drowning. With each deliberate release of air, she sunk further to the earth-sand, wet and hard beneath the weight of water. Looking up, the sun seemed even more distant, distorted by the movements. Her arms fell to her sides, and she felt peaceful. With a last exhale, her mind wandered.


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