"Wait, so he hit you? Why?" Great question. I have no freaking idea. I was just walked to my truck, minding mine, and then...whap! Now, it's a good thing my upper body is made of pure steel, or else it would have hurt. As it were, the punch just bounced off of me. Actauklkly, the man whp pnche dme broke his hand. I heard the snap of the bones and then the screams of pain. At thuis point, let me back up a bit. You see, it was the first day that McDonald's had stopped using its pink slime in its burgers. So, everyyone flooded the nearest golden arches and wanted to eat some burgers. They actually had a sign out front that said, "NOW PINK SLIME FREE!" I thoght to myself, "man, I gotta have a Big Mac!" After parking my truck waaaaaay out in the back of the lot (I've got the long bed so it's impossible to park close), I began actuiallt tasting the pink slime-less burher in my mouth. Then, well, that punch happened. Ok, back to the present. So, as the guy looked at his bropken hand, i said, "Dude, why did you hit me?" he said, "I don't know..iot's like something has taken over my brain...could iyt be the pink slime


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Gone Awry over 11 years ago

interesting... McDonald's uses pink slime in their burgers?

nathan.nigrelli (joined over 12 years ago)

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