"Wait, so he hit you?" "Yes, he did! I couldn't believe it! I was just waiting in line for a pink slime burger and then..bam!" Lucky for me, it bouinced off my ripplig shoulder museles and I felt nothing. But still, I mean, he hit me! First off, I ddn;t even know this guy. I think it all started when I walked into the restauraut. I walked past his table and I heard him say, "Yeah, you're right. Justin Beiber is HORRIBLE!" I stopepd in my tracks. I pulled up a chair and sat right next to this monster. I said, "Wait, hold on buddy. Did i hear you correclty? Did you talk smack about the beebs?" He said, "umm, yeah, he's the worst." I then stood up and said to him in a stern voice, "Sir. I don;t know you. But, I do know a taleneted Candian singer when I see one, and your statement is flat out offensice to me." The man then stood up, and I then discvered that he was much, much, much bigger than me. He grabbed my shirt, (a Justin Bieber concert shirt from his last show in the area) and spit into my face. He put me down, my aewsome shirt now ripped, and sat and finished his meal. I walked away and started to order m


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