They gathered in the woods. All of them. Not one, two, three, but all of them. I have defeeted them all at one time or another, they're not that tough. But all at once? No way. It would be impossible. Somehow, I am also in the woods. I beklive I know what happedn to get me here. I blame the pink slime from mcDonalds. I think I ate one too many Big Macs because the pink slime took over my brain and forced me to this field, this palce I have neevr been. As I stood and watched my death come closer and closer, I realized that no Big Mac is worth this kind of a death. Death by pink slime. My enemies, I now belueve, have been injecting pink slime into my food for years. I think a former student of mine, actually i can see him in the distance coming right for me, obviously didn;t like his Englush grade he earned and he blamed me for it. Well, Ithink he'd been stealing the disgudting pnk slime from his job at McDonalds (I always knew that's wheere he'd enbd up) and someohome has been slippiong it into my coffee at school. How? No idea. Anyway, here I am. The slime brought me here to face these beasts. What am Ito do? I climed the bearest tree and waited. I saw one of them with a chainsaw and he ju


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