The children were not at school. Where were they? Unkown. I am an English teacher at a high school near Houston and, like any other weekday between late August and early June, I was expected a classroom of childen in front on me. Not on this day. The bells rangm yet I heard niothing. I saw nothng. Heck, I didn;t even smell anything! I walked out into the hallway and talked with the other teachers. Nobody had any students in their rooms. I then saw all the princiapls talking with angry words and loud voices. They didn;t seem to know where eveyrobidy was either. Somebody called the TV stations, police, and even many parents showed up. Nobody knew where anyone was. a beacon of light in the sky, I saw...Brandon. I had to look down to see him, but there he was, walking into the front door of the school - the only student at my high school on this day in the middle of February. Everyone rushed at him - TV cameras fosucedd down so they could see him, people hunched down and put there microphpnes in his face. They all asked the same question "Do you know whewre eveyone esle is today?" Brandon stood there, quietly, not saying a word. He started to cry. The pressure was to much. Someone in the backl yelled stand up! but he was already standig


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The children were not at school.
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