They were listetning. I think they might have heard ebery word I was saying. Did I care? Yes, for they were the ones who controlled my mind. It all started when I laid down my head to sleep a few days ago. Not in my bed, but in remote field somewhere in west Texas. What was I doing three, near Odessa but not as far as El Paso? Intersting question, and I;m not even sure I know why. I just drove. Drove for miles and miles. Hours and hours. I was running from soemthing, something I didn't really undertsand. It was a fear, I think. A fear of what migth happen. Still not sure, I pulled over in west texas, near Odessa but not wyite as far as El Paso, walked out into a remote field, and fell asleep. There, in the darkness, as sleep enveloped my body, is when they craewled into my ears and set up shop. They started to tell me things. They listed to my thoughts. I thoght it was a dream, at the time, but now as I try to make sense of what thes elats few days have done to me, I know it is my new reality. A new reality where I am no longer in control of my actions, thoughts, or anything. They are always listening. If I try to think about how to get back home, they stop me. If I think of trying to get something to eat, they stop me. If I think about the life I left behind, they stop me. They simply will not let me forget that they are up there, eating my brain piece by piece. Soon,


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