I lost my grip on the wheel. The cruise ship went off to the left, then to the right, then dtrihght into a pile of rocks by the shore. Taking on water, I evacualted my crew and passnegers. Once safely on land, I looked around and wondering where in the heck we were. All I saw was slime...pink slime...and a McDonalds on every street corner. What a great place this is! I mean, McDonalds everywhere? That's gotta be good, right? Then I nboticed the people walking around...um, they were all, well, not in great shape? I looked at myself...not Arnold Shwartzenegger (don't know how to spell that), but not exaclty really bad either. I decided that I was far too hugry to worrh about these things right now. I headed for the closest golden arches and ordered my meal. After eating it, I felt ok, but a fe wminuites later I felt like crap. Typical, I mean, that's what that kind of food does to your body, but so fast? In mere minutes? Tyring to ingore the fact that I wanted to lay down and die, I had to fuigure out a way ouit of here. This place, this world, was not where I wanted to sopend the rest of my life. So, I sat down on a park bench and starte dto think. Then, this man who likley hdan't seen the inside of a gym in a few years, said to me, "You;re new here, right?" I replied, "Yes, and I ant to go home." he laughed and said, "Three;s no going back. The pi


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