My name is Joseph Buxton and I am a terrible person.

The audience stared open-mouthed at me as the blood welled around the wound and covered my hands which were clasped over. I wouldn't normally do this, try to save a man's life, but I felt I owed him something. As he bled out and stained the cuffs of my shirt, the useless audience just stared on unmoved.

I felt his heart slow to a stop and watched the life drain from his eyes. He was still now, it was over.

I rolled up my sleeves and flagged down a cab. That was me.

My name is Joseph Buxton and I am a terrible person.


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Barney unscrewed the cap off the bottle of muscatel, took a hit, passed the bottle to me. I took a hit. Then I started the car and drove, looking out through the windshield into the rain for a bar that we might possibly enter and not vomit the first time we got the look and smell of the urinal.

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stabbing life-saving public street


The audience stared open mouthed at me.
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