These three peasants are gathered round a plough, drinking ale and sharing a small knob of cheese between themselves. It's a sunny day in Northumbria and the midday sun makes it hard to work, so these guys are taking a break. The ale is cheap and the cheese is rotten.

"You see the sunset last night?" asks one.
"Yes. It was beautiful." agrees a second. The third peasant doesn't speak. He just stares lengthways down the field.

"See that cow?" he finally interrupts. "Rumour is that it's magic." The others are intrigued now and stare down the field at the cow.

Half an hour later, they go back to work.


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kmh289 about 10 years ago

I like this - reads like a well-paced opening to a funny play, or maybe a good SNL skit crossed with Waiting for Godot. With Will Ferrell as the magic cow. So I poorly illustrated your story, it's posted on the Six Minute Story blog.

AgainstPete (joined about 10 years ago)
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Barney unscrewed the cap off the bottle of muscatel, took a hit, passed the bottle to me. I took a hit. Then I started the car and drove, looking out through the windshield into the rain for a bar that we might possibly enter and not vomit the first time we got the look and smell of the urinal.

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