Sal knew it was too late the minute the whistle blew. That train had been keeping time in Millersville for twenty years and when its screech filled the air, everyone knew it was one in the afternoon. An eclipse could turn the day to night and no one would doubt it was in the PM if the train sounded. Heart racing and pulse pounding, Sal made a desperate dash down the road, passing the stable and skidding to a halt. "Now there's an idea." If some idiot wanted to leave a saddled horse loosely tied to this hitching post just when it was most needed Sal certainly wasn't going to argue.

A bellyful of dust and a heavily lathered horse later, they pulled alongside the train and Sal began anxiously scanning the windows. Second from the front was an angry face peering out. Shoving up the window with some effort, and sticking his head out, Ernie yelled with feeling "Sally Mae, get back to town right now. I told you, I ain't gonna marry you!"


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Jayden Nicole over 11 years ago

Wonderfully delightful!

kmh289 over 11 years ago

I dig it.

Gone Awry over 11 years ago

what a wonderful ending! sort of a tables turned thing, huh? i like it :)

kayemnic over 11 years ago

Thank you all for commenting. I had fun with this prompt and it was one of few that felt effortless.

kayemnic (joined almost 12 years ago)
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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Sal
villain Runaway Train
goal Propose
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