They stood in front of one another with only the silence in between.

It had been like that for a while. She hadn't known what to say. He had been waiting for her to say it. So both stayed silent, begging each other to break it with any kind of sound.

The silence had actually begun from the moment the date had begun, strange because it wasn't their first. No, it was one of many. The pair had been together for almost three months now. He had asked her if a date that night sounded good. She said yes, because that dress in her closet hadn't gotten to see anything besides the other clothes yet and she couldn't wait to see his reaction.

But when she entered the car, that's when the silence began.

He had taken her to all of her favorite places, given her her favorite food, bought her her favorite flowers. He knew her better then anyone else and he was showing it to her in a single night.

The silence gained power when he had taken her to see the stars, something she hadn't done since she was a child.

They had just stood there for a while, gazing upward, wondering who was going to speak first.

His palms were sweating.

Her heart was racing.

She hadnt said it yet. No time had seemed right. And she wanted him to understand more then anything.

Turning to him she started the conversation, but it ended when they both knew where it would.

"I love..."

ANd that was


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love confusion short


The conversation lasted two words:
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