"Quack quack quack!"

*Translation: OH NO! BP!

"Quack quack quack quack."

*Translation: I'll have to move to another pond now...

"Quack quack..."

*Translation: Stupid #$#@%$%$#^#$ humans.

"Quack quack quack..."

*Translation: Or maybe I'll just steal all their rubber duckies. See how they like losing something.



Mr Duckie went to become the Robin Hook of all ducks, stealing rubber duckies from all the human children and all the grownups who still like flotation toys. Right now he has a large organization, SOPWRD (Save Our Pond With Rubber Duckies) and has declared Ernie from Sesame Street as Duck Worlds number one public enemy.

Mr Duckie was unfortunately assassinated when he veered too close towards a saucy female duck that ended up being only a decoy.

His memorial flag can still be seen in the swamps.


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kmh289 over 12 years ago

May Mr. Duckie rest in peace. Although, clearly, Ernie could have been #1 allie/ duck stealer for the duck world.

philomath (joined over 12 years ago)

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hero Mallard Duck
villain BP
goal Heroism on a Ducky Scale
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