The world was so close to perfect, he hated having to point out the flaws to the designer. It was his least favorite part of the job; they always took it personally. Months to design each reality, thousands of hours of effort by the design teams, but it always came down to the lead designer to take responsibility for the deliverable.

Clients were, of course, unreasonable in their expectations of what kind of world they would live out the rest of their lives. They were clients, after all. The health and happiness of a hundred thousand subsequent generations would depend on their willingness to take delivery of the new reality.

This one... the star was a shade to heavy in the ultraviolet, the charge on the proton *just* slightly too high.

He sighed. The rainbowing was pretty, but the world was unstable. It would have to be scrapped.


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Gone Awry about 12 years ago

That'd be cool! i think it's awesome!

kmh289 about 12 years ago

Clever premise.

TonyNoland (joined over 14 years ago)
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