I was free. This is where I had always felt free. The air rushed up beside and around me in the form of small, rounded bubbles. I plunged deeper and deeper, holding my breath until I could feel my lungs begin to scream. The whistling noise in my ear told me I needed to go to the surface. I close my eyes as I kicked my feet, pushed my arms through the water like propellers, feeling the rush of water around me. My head cracked through the surface of the water and I gasped, gulping down as much air as I could manage. My feet were slowly kicking beneath me, keeping my head above the water. I smiled. I couldn't help but smile when I was diving in the water.
I saw him standing on the surface of the land. I ducked my head under the water slightly, not wanting to be seen. I was sure he was staring right at me though. His words confirmed it.
"Layla. I can see you."
My feet kicked slightly harder again, bringing my face out of the water.
"How?" I shouted back across to him. I didn't know how far out I was, but I was sure that if I held my hand out in front of me I wouldn't be able to see him any more.
"I..." His voice trailed off. I wasn't sure if it was water in my ear that was preventing me from hearing him, or the distance.
"I can't hear you!" I slowly began breaststroke and made my way towards the land.
"I said that I followed you." His feet shuffled as he spoke and I stopped my movements. He had followed me to my private space though I had told him I wanted to be alone.
In my head I had no idea if that was a good or a bad thing.


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kmh289 almost 11 years ago

Really evocative description of swimming, and a nice setup that makes me want to read more.

MacStainless almost 11 years ago

Love the description of swimming!

chloeanneeee (joined over 11 years ago)

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