The pool was larger than any that I had ever seen. When my parents told us that we were going to Sea World, I never thought that I would get to swim with the dolphins. But here I was, in a body suit, surrounded by squeaking dolphins. I smiled as one came up to me, and squeaked impatiently at me. It turned around, and sat still.
"She wants you to grab on!" The trainer yelled to me, so I did. The dolphin jumped into the air, with me trailing behind it. I screamed joyfully, and we smashed into the water. I gulped a mouthful of air before going under, and was amazed at how fast the creature could move. It swam faster than I could ever have, and it's sleek body moved in the water with such grace and poise. I enjoyed every spin and turn, and held on with all of my strength. I almost lost my grip, but I somehow managed to hang on. When we finally broke the surface I gasped for air, and let go of the dolphin. It turned to me and squeaked happily, before flapping it's fins in the water. I smiled and laughed, and splashed my hands in the water with it. It squeaked again, this time sounding like it was laughing. I laughed more, and the dolphin turned towards me. It squirted water at me, and I was taken aback. Surprised, I laughed and got water in my mouth and did the same to it. We continued to play, and the trainer laughed. "She's never like that. She must really like you."
"What's her name?" I ask.
"Suzy." She replies.
"You're a great friend Suzy." I say to the dolphin, and she nods. To this day, I have never had a better friend.


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