The crow sat on it's perch, silently watching the moon. It wonders how far the moon is, and if it could reach it using just it's own wings. But of course it couldn't, because he was just a bird. The crow wonders what it's like to be free, and remembers it's life before it was a bird. The crow was once a happy young boy, but he was known for his many tricks. He was a mischievous boy, and he tricked one too many people in his life. Finally, he tricked a traveling wizard out of money, and the wizard decided that the boy would forever be a crow until he realized the error of his ways. So for years he had spent his life as a bird, and after a time he no longer remembered his name. He had come across the wizard in his many years as a bird, and had tried to beg forgiveness, but the wizard refused, telling him he needed to learn a lesson. He tried to learn, but he did not know what the wizard wanted him to know. So he traveled along, mainly for food. Until one day, he saw an elderly woman being beaten for her belongings by a large man. This angered the boy, and he attacked the man with his claws and wings, blinding the man. The man angrily struck back at the bird, but missed. The boy blinded the man, and he finally left the woman. The boy landed in front of the woman, who looked down at him fondly. "Thank you dear bird." She said, and the boy felt an odd sensation. He was transforming! He spun into the air, and transformed back into a boy. And thus he learned the lesson the wizard wanted him to learn, the act of kindness.


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