War. Violence. We all see it on the tv, and the internet. It's all the hatred. It's everywhere now. There's so much hate, and all for no reason. But I know one thing that's true, I won't take part in it. I won't hate someone because of the color of their skin, or what they look like. Or who they love, and what they listen to. I will love you if you love me, and only hate if you show me hate. If you show me kindness, I will show you kindness in turn. But if you expect me to hate, you can count me out. I will not be the victim of hate, and allow it to rule me. I will not hate for the pure chance of just hating. I will hate that people have such anger, but I will try to love. Not hate. Hate creates war, war creates death. There's so much death, and all because of hate. What ever happened to love your neighbor? Now it's don't trust your neighbor. Or hate them because of who they are. We are not born into hate. We observe others hating, and we choose to hate also. But what if we instead chose to love? What a world of difference that could make. Perhaps if we could convince one person each to love, then maybe the world would be a better place. And maybe then we could truly make the world better. By replacing hate with love, and fear with hope. And we can give the next generation hope in tomorrow. We can give them the tools to show them how to love, and how to keep them from hating. They can learn what love can produce, and they can do something with it. They can continue on in the hopes of a better tomorrow. And maybe when they come across a chance to hate, they can also say "Count me out.".


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