It was a dark night, full of mist in the air ad puddles reflecting the orange light of lamps that lined the long cobbled streets. Marcelle was waiting for a visitor on the rooftop of the Goyer building, one of the tallest in the owrld. Had anyone been awake in the city, they would have thought him a suicide. Footsteps rang out on therooftop surface and Marcelle turned slowly, keeping his collar up against the wind. It was a woman. "I didn`t expect them to send the lousiest spy in the world." she said. It was Bev, the woman who had despised Marcelle from the beginning only he couldn`t figure out why. Usually when people disliked Marcelle, he could remember what he had done to them but Bev was differant. She had no reasons for anything she did and never gave any explanations for her behaviour. Everyone said that was why she was such a good spy, but Marcelle just thought she was stuck up.
"They send whoever is up for the job." said Marcelle. "Personally, I`m surprised that you care who theys send."
"I don`t." said Bev in a voice that


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