Wine. I knew that the Prosecco was cold enough and I was nervously stepping all over the apartment waiting for her to show up.I loved her. She knew that, but all she could give me was her frienship she said. Oh How much I hated that phrase, it kept pounding on my head like an hammer. I had the wine, sparkling Prosecco. If ...maybe....I was dreaming. I met her when she was very young. She was as beautiful as a star in the dark skies of Arizona. She wanted to be an actress..I was going to help her with my pictures so that she could build a portfolio. The first time we ever went out together was at the Venice' Film Festival in 1986.


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piodalcin (joined almost 10 years ago)
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positive to the photo virus transmitted by mom and dad long time ago. Never retired photojournalist who loves writing,drawing and Google+ (better than Facebook)

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