The dream had been wonderful, yet it would never be real.

I am blind yet everything I experience at night is always in varying shades, or what I think are shades. I question if what I see is the same whites, blacks, red, yellow, orange, green etc and all the tones in between that everyone else can see.

I am lucky in a way that I know what to wear, I can sense the differences between shades, they have their individual feelings, sometimes I can even hear them like musical notes.

The dream last night was different in that there was a sense of something big about to happen, a premonition. I've had them before, usually relating to an incubating health condition that hasn't come to the forefront of my knowledge, like the time I was allergic to one of my fave foods, it was like a ticking bomb.

Today I woke up and as usual couldn't see, yet an hour later, just as I was dipping my biscuit into a hot cup of tea, I noticed something.

Shades, different to ever before.

Maybe this time something is changing for the good.......


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The dream had been wonderful, yet it would never be real.
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